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Areezy’s “Be Happy” Is A Breath Of Fresh Air Amidst The Chaos; It Deserves More Heat


can’t say I’ve heard the name Areezy before now, but it’s a name I’m starting to see more often and I can confirm that the hype is not empty. 

These days, there’s a lot of music out there and except it’s some big guy who we’ve known for ten years, many of it is not worth checking out. It’s crazy how there can be such an over-saturation and yet the quality of the music from the underground keeps dropping.

Anyway, although it doesn’t happen a lot, but when I do hear something that bursts my head and it’s not from someone in the mainstream, I try to put everyone I know on to it. It’s always worth the effort in the end.


Let’s talk about Areezy and his new record that I think has the potential to be the next big thing, not only on the streets but also on YOUR playlists.

From my findings, Areezy has been here for quite a while and has been putting out bangers for nearly three years. His most popular release yet is probably still his “Ori” jam, released in 2018.

Since then, Areezy has dropped music consistently and for people who are familiar with his kind of music, he really wouldn’t need any introduction.

In 2020, he released quite a number of songs, and “Be Happy” isn’t even his first release this year. There really is no doubt about the guys’ hard work and consistency.

Be Happy,” though, his latest single, stands out for me. The jam which has a familiar street pop vibe is about how we should strive for happiness, even in the midst of all the troubles and woes of this world. Not an unusual topic, honestly, but Areezy‘s delivery is everything.

There are just so many things about this song. The prayerful chant on the intro caught my attention and got stuck in my head after one listen, for instance. Then there’s how the beat just kind of blends into the guy’s voice.

There is also this candidness in his voice that makes what he’s saying feel real. What he’s saying in the song is also totally relatable and that’s another angle.

I have heard a number of songs from people I don’t really know in my short career as a music reviewer, but none has got my attention like this “Be Happy.”

Why don’t you listen and see for yourself why I think this jam might just be the next big thing on the streets? Believe me when I say it’ll be worth the while.

Updated: July 4, 2021 — 6:59 pm

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