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By Owoicho Emmanuel (Admin)
‘Amazing Grace’ this ageless hymn has touched our lives in a special way as it speaks about the salvation of God unto all men. A new cover of the song by Armor Music Ministry, ‘Sweetest Song I Know’ is winning the hearts of online listeners. live
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The Sweetest Song (Amazing Grace) – by Armor Music [Verse 1] I’ve heard them sing “He Paid the Price” And “Jesus Bore It All” I’ve heard them sing “I’m Coming Home” And “Hear the Master’s Call” I’ve heard them sing The modern songs And songs of long ago But “Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound” Is the sweetest song I know [Chorus] Amazing grace (Amazing grace, how sweet the sound) How sweet the sound (Oh how sweet is the sound) No sweeter song (Sweeter song, sweeter song) Could e’er be found (In this life, could be found) I’ve heard of a fountain (Heard of the dear Savior’s blood) Filled with blood (Washed us white, white as snow) But “Amazing Grace” (Amazing Grace, how Sweet the Sound) Is the sweetest song I know [Verse 2] It was the song my mother sang In sweet and humble voice Like music from the world above, It made my soul rejoice Its soothing words and melody like rippling waters flow But “Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound” Is the sweetest song I know [Repeat Chorus] [Outro] {But “Amazing Grace, How Sweet the Sound” Is the sweetest song I know} [x4] The sweetest, most wonderful Song I know
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